Sunday Whinger: Being sick.

So… well.

There is a moment in the life of every one that gets sick. It is not me now, but my son and other people from my household, and it is a whole bunch of stress.

First: let´s go and do a PCR to check it is not Covid. There was not as much stress about this as other times, as the symptoms didn´t check (it started in the ear and went down, and it was mixed with a lot of mucus) but… just because he had throat sore, just in case, we did the PCR.

It´s negative! Great! Now we can just call the doctor, who says that it most probably is a common cold with tonsillitis, but that we must try home remedies during the weekend (ye olde chicken soup and the beverage of hot lemon with honey) and if he doesn´t get better call again on Monday.

Other persons from the household are sick too, same exactly, not Covid, just an old common cold (probably) all infected by my little son, who started with this but never got exactly sick (that´s old too: you don´t get as sick but you infect everyone).

We are as careful as most to not get sick, but then your 6 yo son (who is perfectly able of putting a mask during class and use handspritt) sits under the rain, on a bench, without a coat, for 15 minutes because he finished classes early and instead of waiting for you to pick him up inside the school (or with the coat on), he decides that the best option is to just wait outside.

6 years old kids… That is so typical that they decide such ******** things…

Anyway, I didn´t miss this at all. I didn´t miss the «mom! I am cold!», «I am hungry!», «It huuuuuuuurts», «Why do I have snots?», «Why does this hurt?», «Mom, mom… MOM!!!!»

No, I didn´t miss it.

I just… agh. I hope they get healthy soon, because this makes me double as tired and it is difficult to cope with everything.

I want a rest day.

And I want ice-cream.

Happy fucking awful Sunday, humanies.

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