Photographic experiments

This is an old post, from the time I was doing photographic experiments, trying to find a new niche for expressing myself. One of my biggest models is my daughter. She likes it so much so I ask her sometimes. I don´t know if you would like it or not, but she has something that … More Photographic experiments

Sunday Whinger. That language we don´t notice we are using.

I suppose this post could go in Violated Words but maybe it should be Violated Phrases or Violated Paragraphs, but I don´t inted to start all these sections… This post is originally from Februar-2016 and the image is the campaign of a fashion brand, Lane Bryant, but my Whinger is not about them, but against … More Sunday Whinger. That language we don´t notice we are using.


It is told that once upon a time, in a place beyond the scope of memory, there was a tribe of beings similar to mankind, surpasing in height and strength our kind. They doubled height and strength of the strongest individual on Earth, at least. Their manes grew according to their nature: so, an individual … More Ualadú

Sunday Whinger

As many of you already know, I love Sundays (*ironic mode on*). And I am in a bad mood today (or this week, or this month… as you wish to say). I am bored, apathetic, I feel a twat. And… my stomach aches. So, as this is my fabulous mood, I open a new section … More Sunday Whinger