The library (excerpt)

Illusion is something that someone believes is real, but it´s not. There are creatures in this world, and in many others, that most people would consider illusions; just because they are able to do things others can´t or, more often than not, because they can´t see them. But there are always people who can; an … More The library (excerpt)

The toy maker II

There are moments that determine the path for thoughts. Instants in which extraordinary incidents occur that, nevertheless, could go unnoticed buried in a world of the ordinary. They could… unless they are in the right place at the right time.  I have been always a bit reticent to mull over ideas. I have the distressing … More The toy maker II

The toy maker

A forest. A cabin. A dark night with no moon. Shadows darker than darkness, dancing among  trees, mixing themselves up with surroundings, filling the air with their malicious murmuring and whispering, getting closer to the distant stone walls.  The man inside can hear every sound. A branch, that creaked. An owl, who hooted. Wingbeats. Tiny … More The toy maker

They are coming…

They feed on fear. All fears are welcome for them, from the sudden fright you experience when receiving an unexpected call to the deepest, atavistic and unmentionable fear, the ones which arise from one corner of our mind we have no control over. Some have appealed to the term «subconscious» to describe that corner, to … More They are coming…