Violated Words: abuse

Many may think this is crazy. Abuse is well used, isn’t it? Well… No. I was just scrolling through Facebook today when I found a «course» for parents to talk about sex with their kids. I am not going to deep into the depths of what this «psychologist» thinks is the normality for parents to … More Violated Words: abuse

Violated Words. Utopia.

Utopia. (From Gr. οὐ, no, and τόπος, place: a place that doesn´t exist). 1. f. Plan, proyecto, doctrina o sistema optimista que aparece como irrealizable en el momento de su formulación. Plan, project, doctrine or optimistic system that reveals itself as unrealizable when worded.  This brief definition is the one that appears in buscón from RAE, … More Violated Words. Utopia.