Artist Women: Artemisia Gentileschi

Artemisia Gentileschi is a wonderful baroque artist, I am not ashamed to admit I didn´t know until recently.

As usually, I don´t like to talk about the artist itself, as I am not an expert in the matter. It is easy to find great websites where you can find everything about her, if you don´t want or don´t have the possibility to find a book about her in a library. Even Wikipedia has a long entry about her, but you can read about her here, here, here and many more.

I must admit too that the painting that caught my attention first was Judith beheading Holophernes. This one precisely:

Look at that women. They are focused, they are strong. They are not little damsels, who look at that man who they are beheading like what they are doing is repulsing them. They are like «the fuck, we are going to cut his head off, now. And don´t come crying».

I will just let you admire some of her paintings and I really hope you grow in interest enough as to inform yourselves about her interesting life and legacy.

Sjáumst, humanies ^_ ^

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