Sunday Whinger: the bloody annoying bladder

Ouch, ouch, ouch! What a struggle…

Because there you are, in your bed, warm, tucked, happy as a baby with a full tummy and clean diapers, and then… 

Oh, fatality! Your bladder hits you from inside. 

Knock, knock, knock… This is going to explode… You should get up and go to the toilet…

Agh! Damn bladder… I hate you as much as I hate blue cheese… as I hate that hard snot that bothers inside your nose… as I hate when the Kríur are enraged…

Kría 73

Damn bladder… 

Be the spleen witness that I would take revenge over the bladder in a kind of horrible way! Maybe drinking vuss for life until my face is this way:


As good as you are in bed what an annoyance to move, fuckitsdamnmotherthebloodybladder… 


Sjáumst, humanies.

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