Sunday Whinger. Everyone has a brain

It´s a beautiful organ (or not, I have never seen one in person and, sincerely, I am starting to doubt that it exists) and it is there so people can use it.

Really. Not kidding.

So, today (monday 23.11.20) was I scrolling through Facebook when I saw a video of Rutger Bregman (dutch historian, author of Utopia for Realists) in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

I liked this historian, how he spoke, and I do like gossiping sometimes, so I went into the comments and… oh, god…

I was told that everyone was born with a brain and was able to use it.

Point is… it doesn´t look like that.

There was this guy (cannot link it, but his name was David) who commented that it would be the best to have a flat tax for everyone.


Flat tax–> is a tax system where the tax payment is calculated as fixed percentage of income. For example! if we have a tax due of 20% you pay a 20% of your income in taxes, no matter how much you make!

So if you earn 1000$ a month you pay 200$ in taxes and if you earn 100.000$ you pay 200.000$ in taxes. Isn´t it perfect? Isn´t it fair?

Well… damn, no! It isn´t.

Things doesn´t work like this. Let´s make up some numbers (because each country is like an arsehole… each one has its own and they are different):

Let´s say that the minimum you need to live per month is 1500$ (rent+food+mandatory bills. No car, no internet, nothing except what you need to survive). According to this, the government (let´s imagine it is a «fair» one) stablishes the minimum wage in 2225$ before taxes. Let´s say, everyone pays a 35% of taxes. And let´s make 3 different persons:

  • Person number one–> earns 2225$ per month before taxes.
  • Person number two –> earns 5000$ per month before taxes.
  • Person number three –> earns 1,000.000 per month before taxes.

Now, let´s substract the taxes. p1 gets 1446,25$. p2 gets 3250$. p3 gets 650.000$.

So, we have a «fair flat tax» of 35% that covers all taxes. p1 doesn´t have enough to live, for a small amount, and p1 cannot have car, phone, internet or any day out. p2 has enough to live, have a car, phone and internet and even some days out. p3 can have whatever the hell he wants to.

Is that fair? Hell, no.

If we have a «fair flat tax» of 90%, p1 gets 222$ per month. p2 gets 500$. p3 gets 100.000$ and STILL is enough to have whatever the hell he wants to.

Is that fair?

Hell, NO.

And David accussing other commenters saying that they don´t know how to do maths. Well, well, Dave… maybe is it time to go back to primary school? 2+2? Too difficult? Maybe you should have been called Danny?

I know we all are born with a brain, and it is not difficult to use it. And, obviously, we are allowed to do mistakes, obviously again. But

(there is always a but)

you cannot go on saying that others don´t understand maths if you don´t know how to add and substract. Don´t you think?

There is a reason why taxes are usually not flat. There is a reason why rich pay more (or should). Basically because, whatever tax you take out, they always can have whatever the hell they want, but for people earning less (and I am not saying only poorer poors. Low, medium-low, medium and medium-high classes, all benefit from it) is actually fairer than a flat tax. We should not pay the same if we earn less or if our burden (people that depend on us) is more. Taxes have to be calculated taking all this into account. And they have to be higher as higher is your final income (what you earn – what you spend).

There should be a special tax dedicated to people who cannot use their brains, because it is tiring reading shit like that first thing in the morning.

Sjáumst humanies.

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