Sunday Whinger. Reading is the latest trend.

It´s true, don´t stare at the title like Ô_ò , I totally mean it.

So now, there is a category for the people that love to read much more than pubbing: book nerd.

I cannot help but having contradictory feelings, actually.

On one side, I find delightful that people love to read, obviously.

On the other side… I don´t like trends. «Being in» means that, some time after, is not «in» anymore. So we can have today a great number of people calling temselves book nerds, because they love to read, and they devore books in a single night, and they cannot think of anything else than reading and books and smelling books, and having a lot of books in the bookshelves, and a lot of books to read so they never stop reading… and tomorrow all these stop smelling books and they do whatever else, because is the new latest trend.

I see book nerds´ posts about reading and, without exception, the books that appear are trendy books that, may they be good or not, I don´t see the reason for such a «follower avalanche».

Because that is what they are. Follower. That is the biggest problem I see to all this issue. People that read just trendy books are followers, book groupies. And I am not saying that is wrong that stories have followers, I would not dare to say so. But I really wonder how many of these groupies that call themselves book nerds today would still be these book groupies when the books are out of trend. Or if they will ever get hooked to any complex story, that requires thinking, contributes to literature and not only to literary posing.

And, hey!, I don´t personally know any of these persons because I am really asocial (no reason to lie) so I can be so wrong… But I have been reading since I was three. I learned because my mother, bored of reading the same tales over and over, told them short and I went like «it is not like that!» and I wanted to read them myself. I kept reading because I am a reading lover, as my father was, and because the most entertaining thing to me was to inject myself with all those stories that lived in the pages.

I just went to a shelf, got a book, sat somewhere and read. I have never worried about being in my pajamas, or if it was raining or sunny, having a tea, infussion, water or anything at all. I don´t smell books, unless they are old (really, really old). And I have never called myself a book nerd or composing motivational phrases about the good reader I am, or about how cool is reading, or about the social problems provoked by choosing read over other things (who cares, really?).

My father, a man who used to lock himself to read for nothing to disturb him, daily, since a child, never did those things either. Nor anyone I know, out of the internet.

So all this about book nerds and their problems, and comic strips and phrases about how irresistible is buying a book, and how cool is being at home reading, and how much I love reading and not going out, and t-shirts for everyone to see… sorry, but I feel it like posing and nothing else.

Just do what you love, and whoever don´t like it, they can fuck off.

Sjáumst, humanies.

Hey, look! A book nerd! Ha…? 

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