Artist Women. Sophia Hayden Benett

Another Friday and here I am with Artist Women.

I have decided to start with non-contemporanean artists because I don´t want to make a false impression that an artist woman is a modern. My bad, I suppose.

So, this Friday is for this architect, Sophia Hayden Bennet, who shows, I think, really well how unfair life is with artist women in many eras (and non-artist women too, but that´s not the point in these posts).

She was born in Santiago de Chile and she was the first woman entering MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology). She was awarded, in 1891, the first prize with her Italian Renaissance style design of a three floors building, the Women´s building. The prize was ok, I suppose, but it was a forcking ridiculously shit comparing to what a man earned for the same work. And she was pressured over and over until she was admitted in a clinic for a obliged resting period. After that, she never worked again as an architect.

Shame on all of them.

So, as a humble appreciation, here goes this minipost. The image of the building she designed and the one which caught my attention about her.

Sjáumst humanies, have a good Friday.



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