Violated Words. Radical.

I have been thinking a lot about today´s post.

I have been called a lot of things. I have been called bot, behaviourist (referring to kid´s autorregulation, which is ironic and I will speak about it in another post, maybe), Karen (yes, I have been called Karen and, actually, was thrilled by it), old lady and it goes on and on. But I will let all this for another moment (if any of you is interested, you can leave it on comments and I can explain what happened), because whith the one I will talk about today I feel attacked as woman, feminist and thinker (not philosopher, is not the same and maybe it should be a Violated Words itself)

I think I should star introducing myself as a B 80´s movie group therapy:


My name is Writiria

and I am a radical feminist.


I can hear masses screaming…

«Radicalism is the evil!», «It is not a good thing being radical!», «Being radical is the same as being dictatorial» and, my favorite one, «Radical feminist = FEMINAZI

Well, guys… I am a feminazi, if you want to call it so, but the term is ridiculous, absurd, feministphobic

Don´t go looking for it, I just invented it… Feministphobic= it is said of a person who fears feminism and those who declare themselves feministis. 

and a huge disrespect. And not only to feminists but to nazi conflict survivors , who see how is lightly used a term that implies so much pain, injustice and violence for many, many people.

But, maybe, the problem is that we don´t know how to use the word radical. Let´s see… For starters, the definitions of radical are:

  1. Thoroughgoing, complete or extreme.
  2. favoring drastic or extreme political, economic or social reforms.
  3. basic, fundamental.
  4. great, marvelous, wonderful.
  5. a person who holds or follows extreme convictions, beliefs or principles; extremist.

There are other three definitions, dealing with maths, physics and Chinese writing but I am ingnoring them because they have nothing to do with this issue.

People who assures that being a radical feminist is bad is hiding under definitions 1., 2. and 5. If it is extreme (excessive, exaggerated, intense) then is bad. Because as I have been told and everyone knows is that excessive, exaggerated or intense is bad and it is better not going near it. And the good thing is, obviously, the moderated that is what is in the middle.

But, what is the etymology of «radical»?? As it says:

late 14c., in a medieval philosophical sense, from Late Latin radicalis «of or having roots,» from Latin radix (genitive radicis) «root» (from PIE root *wrād- «branch, root»). Meaning «going to the origin, essential» is from 1650s

So, the original definition is number 3 and, according to this, radical feminism is the movement that fights for women and men rights equality and that addresses the issue from its root.

Easy, right?

What is the problem, them? That, as I said before, radical is extreme. And extreme is the evil. And the right thing is the moderate one, which is in the middle. Thus, if feminism is radical, is wrong. So, if feminism addresses the issue of inequality of women and men rights from the root of it that is sexism and the current patriarchal system that grants privileges to men over women from the minute 0




so that is bad.

So we are not going to go to a extreme because we want to be good. And the good ones don´t go to the extremes, they are not radical.

So… what does this mean?

This means that the issue is not addressed from the root. That they want to do politics to protect women from gender based violence and it is admitted

because it is obvious and everyone see it and it is not extreme, ok?

that men have privileges over women just because they are men, and that gender violence from men to women is a direct consequence of these privileges, a violence just because women are women.

But (yes, there is ALWAYS a but) don´t get hystericals with compliments because, sometimes, in an specific way and if they are tasteful they are not bad at all and it is part of a healthy flirting. Because compliments are not a display (no matter how specific way or tasteful they are) of a false right that men, and many women, believe as true of a male giving his opinion about the personal space (physical aspect, personality, temperament…) of any female at any moment, because they feel them as their property in a general way.

No. We can´t think that. Because we would be radical. And being radical is bad.

There is a big issue in being a woman that if you are born with a vagina instead of a penis, you are invisible (this is not just like this. Actually, if you are born different from what is considered a «normal» male you are invisible) and men think they have the right to explain you anything, even if you know already (and better!)  or the right to use more space than they need or just ignoring you as if you didn´t exist.

What is the problem with saying that the ultimate cause of women´s situation is sexism, which grants privileges to men over women just because they are born with a penis? Because this has been the reality in this western society in which we live. In which it has been forgotten that women is equal to men in rights, capacities, potential, etc (obviously, each one with its differences) and, not only women, but all the rest of genders. In which we have been systematically mistreated only because we are not what is considered a normal male.

And, if to solve other problems (instead of adding them to feminism) you invisibilize women´s (born with a vagina) problems, what you are doing is adding yourself to sexism and patriarchy (in that specific point). And if someone says it to you and you jump into easy cheap name calling, then you are directly going into misogyny.

But we cannot say that. We can´t. Because that is so radical. And being radical is bad.

Being radical is bad.

Being a radical feminist is bad.

Addressing the issues from the root to rip them out and not allowing them to grow back is bad.

The good thing is to be  moderate.

The good thing is to be in the middle.

Fight, but not too much.

Complain, but not disturbing others.

Ask for them to stop killing us, instead of demanding it.

Accept the crumbs they give us instead of fighting for total equality and justice.

Sorry… not sorry.



I am me. I am a woman. And I am a radical feminist.

I address the issues from their root and fight for them not to grow back to mistreat any woman (born with a vagina, or trans or any other woman).

And if you don´t like it, you can go fuck yourself.

Sjáumst, humanies.



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