Sunday Whinger. Crazy weather.

Isn´t it nice?

One day you have snow. And then you start thinking that everything is going to be nice and white and really christmas-like… and then it starts the wind, and the rock and… puf! the snow is gone.

What the…? There was more snow yesterday…

Oh, and then comes the wind again. This nice wind that blows your trash bins away, and makes the house tremble. Oh, that wind! So it goes away as suddenly as came and leaves the sweet autumn rain, and sun.

And now we have 11º and tomorrow 1º and the next day 8º and the next one -2º.

Oh, the weather! How nice is to not be able to know how to dress to not get sick! You laugh, but with the covid-19 situation is a shit. Each time you sneeze is like a Damocles sword situation. It is stressful and I am The Whinger so I whineeeeee. Because, actually, in another circumstances I love (not ironic) chaotic weather.

I mean… I had to whine for something. That is the point.

Sjáumst another Sunday, humanies!

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