Violated Words. Democracy.

This one is an old post from that time when I used to write in Spanish, so the definitions come from the RAE (Spanish Language Royal Academy).

This section I opened aimed to explain differences from the original meanings of the words and how we use it today, but focused in those words with a positive meaning that some groups have misused to the point now they have a negative meaning or, in the worst case scenario, they use the positive meaning to hide their negative behaviours. And that is why these words are violated.

It was accurate to the political and social moment we were living in Spain at the time I wrote it, but I think it is highly accurate now still.

I hope you enjoy it.


RAE says Democracy means:

  1. A government in which the power is exerted by citizens.
  2. Country whose government is a democracy.
  3. Political doctrine according to which the government resides in the citizens, who exert the power directly or by representatives.
  4. Society which practices equality of individual rights, non depending on ethnic group, gender, religious beliefs, etc
  5. Involvement of all members of a group or association in making decissions.

And then, one looks around and see that theory is fulfilled in section 3. Because, as it is obvious, political power is not exerted by citizens, so we can ignore section1. And section 4 is fully theoretical because equality isn’t around actually, not independent at all of ethnic groups, genders or religious beliefs.

And section 5 is not related to this Violated Words, so I am ignoring it.

Let’s focus on section 3, that is the most and worst violated one.

Political doctrine in which the power resides in the citizens, who exerts the power directly or by representatives.

This doesn’t mean (important issue here) that you vote a political party and they do as they wish.

What we are doing now in most of western countries is GIVE our power as individuals and society to a few who live highly pivileged.

Do you know the name of this? Oligarchy. According to RAE:

  1. Government in which the power is exerted by a minoritarian group.
  2. Reduced group of people with influence and power over a certain socia, political and economical sector.

Does it ring any bells?

Demo-cracy is the power of the people, in its first and original meaning. Olig(ós)-archy, a government of a few.

Look around, think twice…  What is it that we have?

We can vote, true. Without the right number of votes they can’t rule, true… But, what happens after that? Where does the «power of the people» go? Where do we, as a society, have the choice to kick out the political party in charge if they do it wrong? Where do we have the possibility of voting out the laws that go against the people? Ah, I know… voting another political party.

No, humanies, no. We have no democracy. If it was a democracy exerted by representatives (which is how is disguised this electoral oligarchy)we, as real keepers of the power, would have the choice to kick out at any given time those representatives who were going against people.

And, while this assumed democracy doesn’t provide citizens with the necessary tools to exert the power directly (if they choose so) or to change representatives in the very exact moment they saw their interests under the representatives wishes, this won’t be a democracy.

It is (and will be) an oligarchy. Not even an aristocracy, which in its first meaning means the government of the best ones (aristós-kratia), the government of the most qualified, the most fit for their work; but an oligarchy of the most corrupt, the most focused in themselves and their own interests.

An electoral oligarchy disguised as democracy by the words’ rapists. Shame on tem.

Don’t hesitate and use the right words, always. You will find that,  when an electoral oligarchy goes directly against the liberties of the ones they are (presumably) standing for, is not an oligarchy anymore but a DICTATORSHIP> Political regime that, by force or violence, concentrates all the power in one person, group or organization and represses the human rights and individual liberties.

And we are running towards it. Even though, sometimes, I feel we are already in a dictatorship and we fool ourselves believing that we still have any electoral power.

Sjáumst, humanies.


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