Sunday Whinger: About not funny sense of humour.

The Whinger comes again with a new grouse, because she is a Whinger.

The thing is I had an argument on FB with a guy who made a really funny joke about the icelanders´ good manners that, due to his terrible good humour! everyone that answered, laughed.

As, actually, it was a mockery and I don´t feel right laughing at anyone just because their culture, uses, manners or education are differents at yours, I suggested that his comment was out of place and that if an icelander had made a similar joke about any of them it would be considered xenophobia.

Jokes about galician people. I am from Galicia and these things piss me off a lot, but they are not exclusive to us.

This guy answered that (it was in spanish, so I am going to translate it literally) «I was poorly uneducated in irony», which is ironic itself because, not only I do have an exquisite education in irony (easily provable with the bolded sentence that is up), really subtle, but the sentence is poorly shaped too: saying that I am «poorly UNeducated» means, positively obvious, that I have a splendid education in the issue to handle, as I have just said. So, as this person wanted to insult me telling me that I didn´t understand ironies, using a sentence that means I am an expert in them and that puts on the light that he not only isn´t an expert but he doesn´t even know what he is talking about nor the correct way to express himself, is outstandingly ironic.


But I am a Whinger and The Evil One. Many would soy that I am The Terrific Fiend. So I considered it was adequate explaining him why his comment was inappropiate. And, as I answered quickly, he asumed I was… hold on…


El bot 37A useasé moi.

Beep, beep! Whinger bot rules!

Another comment-writer called me SJW, which means Social Justice Warrior. And… you know what?

I loved it!

I know it was intended to be an insult… he said it was not worthy arguing with me, that it was wasted time because I was a SJW but… Damn!  Someone has to be! Who else better than a Whinger?

SJW style manual: Social Justice Whinger. Totally me!

Anyway… I am complaining about the not funny sense of humour and is, obviously, not an irony. And that is not okay to see the mote in your brother´s eye and not the rafter in your own.

But, whatever! The Sunday Whinger can get the rafter, drive it into your eye and twist it while laughing maniacally.

Don´t let people laugh at you, humanies!

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