Fooly Sunday:

Or maybe I should say Fooly Sundays, because this is for all of you:

You do think that you are the bosses of all weeks, even where you are the last ones. «We are the resting day». Meh, meh, meh. Don´t be so paid of yourselves! Not everywhere Sunday is the last day of the week, even. Did you actually think you were? Well, then know that there are many people forced to work on Sunday. And… why? Because you don´t even know how to be a proper day off.

You are the most boring day. Sorry, not sorry. And you even give to the other week days bad name. Bloody Monday, they say. Bloody Monday! When everything wakes up again, the beginning of a new week. People celebrate births and regreat deaths, but glorifies Fooly Sundays and descend Mondays to Hell, Bloody Mondays. Yes, yes, I know… you have to work again… and why is Monday to blame for that? Bosses are to blame, that they do things as it fits them better instead of using logic.

You don´t even look like Thursdays. Who hasn´t heard(in spanish speaking countries)  «you are always in the middle, as Thursday»? You, Sunday, can´t begin to imagine what feels to be that famous, forget it. And what is to say about Saturday? Long live Saturday! The only flaw they have is they are too near Sundays.

Well, I am going to kill time today as well as I can…

Why is the main image this one? Because I liked it, that´s all. Should I give explanations to the fooliest day of all week? No way.

Fooly Sunday…


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